Sounds crazy? Not if you ever meet Lindsay(Coolest Name EVER) Barto and Chris Healy. But you don’t even have to meet them to get immediate inspiration since yesterday they aired on the very popular show Shark Tank. 

Last night I went to the bar Loading Dock in Little Italy along with 100 or so other Long Hair fans and followers to watch the premier of their appearance. The night was hot with excitement (Lindsay and Chris had kept the end results a secret!) and I was a little amazed that majority of the men surrounding me had longer and nicer hair than me! But I was immediately distracted when I set my eyes on the two San Diego natives and longtime best friends. If Lindsay had a color aura his would be SPARKLE. And I say that with all the umFFF in the world. He’s full of good positive energy, just waiting to take everyone by surprise…but after last night maybe it’s not a surprise at all. I should probably mention that this brown hair / brown eyed guy parts his hair straight down the middle like a BOSS. Chris on the other hand captivated me with his flowing long blonde hair making me wonder if my hair products were inferior to his… He looks angelic, almost God-like with those golden locks. And they both had smiles with enough warmth to fill a couple of Philippine Sea’s( Yessss people, I google’d it and it’s the largest!)

So there we all were in the upper backroom of the bar staring at three large TV screens waiting, trying to distract our nerves with sips of Champagne and beers. They went on about 9:30pm and at that moment when the two LONGHAIRS creators stepped out from behind the doors of norm and oblivion to stand infront of four scrutinizing judges from Shark Tank everyone around me got up and SCREAMED like they had just won the biggest jackpot with a dirty penny. I was on my feet too! So they went through their speal, trying to get at least one of the judges on board. OMG it was excruciating!!!

I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. They actually put long hair wigs on the judges and presented their company’s product in a fashion that had EVERYONE busting up. It was amazing from start to finish and I wasn’t surprise that not one, but two judges made an offer that anyone with entrepreneurial instincts would have taken. When the two larger than life brothers took the best deal it was OVER. People were jumping, screaming, beers dropped, champagne glasses spilled, tears were falling from eyes, and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

But what touched me the most was when everyone settled down and the two brothers from different mothers came up to thank everybody. Chris was quiet, which just added to his allure but when Lindsay spoke I was so damn happy that I could witness such humble people succeed at reaching their dreams.

Driving back from college together they decided to sell hair ties for men. AND THEY DID. Yet can you imagine how many people might have looked at them like they were crazy? Days and nights have been long for them-Lindsay once started crying blood because he had stayed up working for days- and to say it was an easy journey is a joke! It’s not over yet but I’m sure that somewhere in the near future there are going to be plenty of guys rocking these DOPE-as-hell hair ties.

If you want to be the first for that soon-to-be trend visit their website at:



Lindsay Reva

Lindsay Barto & Chris Healy


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