Art of a Life

Oh how much I love…
Walking down the street as if no one can see me,
Driving in my car, pretending
That nothing in the world matters
Looking out the window
Wondering when everything will be mine
But in the meantime, I sit back and enjoy the ride
Cause I love this life
Art of a Life
To some it’s all a joke, but I have felt too much pain
To let it go to waste
So I sit back and enjoy the ride
Work my hardest
Love till my heart bleeds
Open my arms until my back is cut and bruised from the bastards
But I’ll eventually relax and enjoy the ride
After the work is all done, after I’ve gone past the farthest yard
Try not to break
And in-between it all I will sit back and try to relax
Oh how much I love…
The days when I wake up feeling beautiful
When I go to sleep feeling peaceful
And in-between it all, try not to remember
Try not to trip and fall
One step at a time, one pair of lips
Plum bruised chapstick
God, how much I love
My life
Freedom, to be anywhere, everywhere, and nowhere
I wonder if they know…
How much I love them
I love them all
Every single one of you
But in the meantime, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride
One single heartbeat at a time
Oh if only you could feel how much I love.
Lindsay Reva

Street Fashion Week @Evolve Project LA

@glitzandglambytiff Rocking the perfect combination of classy Camo and heels to die for. What a babe.

@smoothcats401 who wore the most beautiful PINK leather jacket that I have ever laid eyes on. Just looking at this picture makes me seeth with envy.

Bonnie&Cylde shades!!

You’ve got to be something special to pull off a turquoise blue eyeshadow patch. If I wore mine in rose, would people think I had pink eye?

Couldn’t stop staring at this cat. Coolness oozed from his pores.

@Rickstarofficial Who ruled the men’s runway. Rick is BAD. What an understatement.

Models, models, and more models.

@welldressedg who is so damn cute and knows it. I. look forward to seeing him on future runways.

Hello Nude Louboutins Queen, I see you.

My FAVS. Gorgeous.

Did I mention it’s St. Patty’s day. 


Tahari, Pearls, Aldo

World, meet James Bond.

Overall, J’adore le Fashion show.

Coolest chick in the audience.

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