Jewel Of The Sea

I’ve never taken to fake jewels that are so damn OBVIOUS or the studs you buy and change color a month later. Diamonds are nice…BUT! Extravagant much? Plus, everyone and their mom is either trying to imitate them or blowing the bank for them. I like being different and when I’m decked out in my black pearls I know there won’t be any other woman in the room rockin the same jewels as me. They shine like a rainbow when you see them in the light and in the darkness they catch your eye. I can’t tell you how many conversations and friendships have been started with the simple…”What is that around your neck?” It’s my black pearls baby. Trendsetters here you go. If you want something to impress the masses and catch the eyes of the haters these Pearls are never going to be identical in design to what’s already out there. When do I feel my most beautiful? It’s simple; Nothing but my black pearls.

All these lovelies are for sale🖤Goddess model Benedicte Rival not included(meant for the perves only!).


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