My life consist of WORK WORK WORK.

I’m an event planner/coordinator for my own company Reva Tahiti Productions AKA Reva Event. I put together Balls, Tahitian Cultural events, Theatre performances, and much much more. When you plan events your creativity can make a dull event into a spectacular one which is why I drink gallons of Coffee and inhale Chocolate (Yes very bad for me but it get’s the blood pumping!). I love every single second of a production. Stress, Blood, Tears and all. And you better believe I’m in it to win it.

My career on a side note is very different from party planner extraordinaire:

I am the Executive Director for Alliance Francaise of San Diego, a French Language and Cultural center which is a small chapter to a Worldwide Non-Profit. We Have classes for all ages and levels and I meet the most interesting people who are passionate about anything French. Je t’aime? Oui. Oui.

My Reva Events and my School keep me busy but in-between all the layers of finances, registration forms, vendor applications, I have a HUGE support system laced with Layers on Layers of LOVE. Family&Friends. Would have vanished into no-man’s land if it wasn’t for them.

What do I do on off time? I run. Walk and try to find something different; a new coffee shop or restaurant. Catch up with friends. Try with all my heart to help someone out. If I could make a person smile or serve them a slice of happiness on the daily, my days will be smooth sailing FOREVER. When I’m rising on a steady upbeat mood I dance. Doesn’t matter where I am, I DANCE.. Maybe not good, but who cares. I love it and that’s that.

Just Lindsay. I’ve promised myself that I would love with all my heart and if I get hurt here and there it’s okay, because the happiness far outweighs the fall. Nice to meet you.


Lindsay Reva




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