Just Because

Just because today I’m feeling rather sentimental I just wanted to say,

Don’t give up. 

Even when you think you’re cornered, if you keep pushing forward, I promise a trap door will come out of nowhere and you’ll see that there was a choice, a plan, something that will save you from sinking to the bottom, all along.

But if you give up, you’ll never know. Even if the answer comes to you in 5 to 15 years. It’ll come like the first sunset. Like the first kiss. Like the taste of a cool strawberry on a hot day. Like looking into the eyes of someone and knowing for once, they’ve been looking for you their whole life.

Don’t give up.

Things get better. Only if you keep pushing forward. Be the train that carried on despite war and weather. Be the heart that loves despite its cracks and floods. Be the hero that save with nothing in return.

Be good baby, and don’t give up. 


Lindsay Reva

© Ivan S. Harris Photography
© Ivan S. Harris Photography

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