Voice In The Valley

Last night I went to sleep feeling like love. This morning I woke up sweet, like pink cotton candy dissolving on the tongue. Then I looked up into the sky and saw the rolling clouds with the sun hidden and fighting for a chance to shine down on me. Don’t worry honey, you’ll have your chance. The wind picked up and licked the back of my neck which would have made me cold if I hadn’t been born with a heat that was meant to burn. As I walked on to my favorite cafe, I could hear the birds but I couldn’t see them. It made me wondered if I was imagining everything, which led me to the ongoing mental revolution that everything and anything was imagination in the first place. All exist, nothing existed. I walked, out of the cold into the warmth of the little shop’s doors. People sat, mingled, sipped, pretending that nothing mattered and thinking of all that mattered. And on I strode protected by my belief that today, indeed would be better than yesterday. Small black coffee, please. Sip, contemplate, try not to overthink. When I looked out the window I couldn’t help but noticed my reflection in the glass, that of a human attached to habits. Another sip, this time with a new measured tilt of the head.

I sat still shutting the world off and listening to words that echo in the canyons of my deeper thoughts. What are you waiting for? What are you capable of? Why do you listen to them, when “them” are driven by their own beliefs and selfishness? Explore, create, keep on believing your own birthright poem. Why are you straying from the person you were born to be? Create, damnit. The other believers are waiting for you. But no, keep on going on your tea-weak path. Sip your black coffee and pretend that you’re making a difference in someone’s life. Forget about your own. But when you decide to grow balls, I’ll be here. Don’t wait too long. The longer you wait, the farther down the valley I go. I’m an echo right now. Eventually, the wind you create will blur me out. You’ll try to listen harder but I’ll be all the way droned out. Bye now. Have a good day. Remember, if I die, so do you. I love you. And unlike them, I actually mean it. I will always love you. 

Sip. The coffee had a bite, with a twist of copper. I looked away from the window and finished my cup. As I walked back out onto the street I couldn’t help but notice a tiny bird that sat in a tree high above me. The bird peered at me and I smiled. Hello, little birdy. 

That was my last thought before I decided, today would be the day. The day I changed everything.

#courage #bewhoyouwereborntobe


Lindsay Reva



Things won’t always be easy…

Things are bound to be hard. Just like the definition of perfection will always lay in a haze, no matter how hard you try to focus on the picture. That’s not quite the point though. The point is that you have to continue, no matter how hard things get, to move forward.

Progression. Advance. Rise. Persistance.

Just don’t give up. Don’t throw in your towel when they’ve pushed you past your limits. Think clearly, even though they drive you to your wits.

Continue to believe in yourself. One day it’ll pay off. And if you happen to be unhappy, you have to learn to believe that one day all your efforts will be worth it.

Not all stories have a happy ending. But I’ll be damned if mine doesn’t.


Lindsay Reva

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