Lightness followed by a tingling sensation underneath the fingertips. Heart contracting, feeling the currents of the pulse flow in and out, out and in. Heart hugs Mind, Spirit grabs the hand of Soul. Linkedin on a personal level. Like a symphony sitting in the living room (4 trombones 30 violins 10 harps), like a Pheonix resting on your ashtray staring you straight in the eyes. This is life, and you’ve just taken the fattest hit. The turbines pull you, higher and higher. Faster and faster. Rise, damnit.

That’s exactly how I felt last night when I attended Sefa Pumphrey’s “Mana” Video Release Party. A small function, which had nothing to do with quantity and everything drenched in quality. I walked through the Nonosina doors after driving for 2 hours from San Diego to Buena Park. My ass hurt, my eyes were dulled. But I hardly noticed. I was excited to see Sefa’s first music video he had created with the help of many talents.

When I spotted him across the room I noticed that he was glowing. It reminded me of how light is always good, and when goodness resonates in our cores, we become beacons of light. He was an illuminated one. We said our hellos and exchanged a thousand smirks and smiles, but I let him make his rounds. This was his night after all, and we only had one task to do; support. Because we were all on island time, people eventually arrived an hour later (What the hell was I thinking, being punctual?).

Then it happened and everyone sat in a dark room and watched as the Projector screen front and center showed a mans reflection of a dream, of the connection from who we are in our everyday lives and who we were born to be. Traditions & Fire; burning like our ancestors would have wanted them too. Bridging a gap that sits within many of us…But let’s bring it back to July when Sefa and I chopped it up on the phone lines about his drummers providing all the beats for Heiva San Diego. Somewhere in between negotiated for food and lodging our ideas of the legacy we wanted to create slipped out. We shared our values and aspirations. I remember sitting in the bank when he called and our conversations flowing like a crossed web into our future prospects. He spoke, I spoke. Why did it feel like I had had this conversation in a different lifetime, on a different earth? I remember goosebumps rising and an underlying urge to cry because I had met someone who understood. It’s one thing to share your ideas and be accepted, it’s completely different when you’re genuinely understood. The same understanding crept into my consciousness as I watched the video and erupted like fireworks on the blackest of nights when he spoke of his purpose and future prospects.

He talked about creating, sharing, guiding, building our community. His words painted a canvas that had the face of one person. That person’s name was OUR TRIBE. So I had to take the time to write these recollections down. Sefa and his team are doing great things and I have no doubt that they’ll only continue down that admirable road.

And if there is one thing I would like to see, it’s that YOU support him. Check him out on Itunes, listen to his beats, stalk his gram. SUPPORT him, because you shouldn’t forget; If he grows, so does OUR TRIBE.


Lindsay Reva

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