Deep Blue

I could see his soul every time he let me look him in the eyes. He didn’t know, even though he could feel it. He also didn’t know that I could see his color swirling around his being like smokey magic in the air. Bluish teal, unless he was angry. Then the tips would start to fade into a deep red. It reminded me of the time I took a picture of him, a glass of wine in hand and stare fixed straight to me. As if he wanted to hurt me or possess me. It drove me crazy when I could feel his energy settle on me. Like a thousand stars shining underneath my name. He would whisper in my ear. That didn’t drive me crazy. That made me wish I had never met him. Why should someone have so much control over another human being? He wasn’t a King, and I had no right to throne him.

Nothing in my past could have prepared me for the day he stepped into my world. Picture perfect, posture erect, like the highest flower in a white rose bed garden. But he would never have been white. The smirk in his smile proved it. He would have been a fire-red rose, slowly blossomed into perfection. Thank God he was human, thank God there was poker face.

Late at night, he would come up behind me and even though I sensed his presence before he walked into the room, I pretended. I pretended because I wanted as much control as was possible with a man like that. Still, he knew. As did I. He crept like a cat behind me and placed his hands around my neck, up through my hair, and kissed me where my jaw began. I waited until he ended. Looking away from my computer into his eyes, again I saw the colors surrounded him. Like a dark blue ocean, swimming in his aura. Take me, love. Rip me with your riptides. One wave and I’m yours. Another and another. After that, float me out to sea.

People like him were so hard to find.

Oceans are never stilled.

People like him never stay.


Lindsay Reva


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