Collar Bone Connected

It’s amazing what can come from the interaction of two or more individuals. 


It’s magic. Even if sometimes it feels like black covered drenched magic when deals go wrong, words get sour. Power is power. That one person can lead you to the next person, who could then introduce you to the one who will be bad for you but eventually be the reason why you were meant to meet the one who will be the best for you. Electricity sparked at the point of eye contact. You’ve met someone who shares the same belief. Miracles born, ideas exchanged. Touch, feel, plan it out; grow those bridges, baby. One brick at a time. One goal, one rhyme, whatever it is to make your life GROW. Collaborate! Light it up and watch the tip glow.

You can forge a whole new world because of one collaboration. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they seem like absolute duds. But we have to remember that for every action there is a reaction. The impact is REAL. Think of the people who watch and learn from you. I can smell the influence in the air when two people combine their thoughts and bake a fat chocolate cake of brilliance, cherry dreams bouncing on top. Seeping with layers on layers of realization that they made it, BUT they sure as hell didn’t do it ALONE like a deflated grey cupcake. The greatest are never alone. They are always working with others, like nice boys and girls out on the playground. Don’t be that stupid bully aiming the dodgeball who everyone stays away from.

When you work to create a goal with other like-minded people, you don’t just establish a bonding by the efforts, you’re setting the bars higher for everyone else. They can see with their big bright eager eyes that you were not alone. So why the hell should they be?

You should never be alone! (Unless your an emo-anti-social-socialite like me (afterparty, hell no! Solitude, yessum)). It’s tougher when you’re alone… Fewer efforts, fewer beliefs. I don’t want fewer. I want FULL, darling. That’s why we have to work together and open our minds and ideas to the judgments of others. We have to put our faith in the goodness of mankind, that we were meant to forge a path down together in bond.

We are mankind. Man was meant to be kind to each other. So turn to your brothers and sisters, friends and strangers and share your ideas. If your scared that they will use up your genius and make a muck out of it, just think about what will happen if you yourself make a HOTDAMN MESS of it. Who do you think will be by your side to understand how you feel? #CollaboratorsUnited.

I collab because I believe. I believe because I’ve been influenced.


Lindsay Reva


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