Create till your mind numbs. Love till your heart’s empty. Give till your hands are bare. Think until you feel the sense called sure. Believe until there’s nowhere else to go. Inspire until they feel. Work like there’s no other satisfaction. Grow until they whisper, unstoppable. Sing like the birds in the sky. Rise until they call you butterfly.

Above all,

Share your gifts. They sit there in your soul, wishing for the dust to come off.


Lindsay Reva



Lightness followed by a tingling sensation underneath the fingertips. Heart contracting, feeling the currents of the pulse flow in and out, out and in. Heart hugs Mind, Spirit grabs the hand of Soul. Linkedin on a personal level. Like a symphony sitting in the living room (4 trombones 30 violins 10 harps), like a Pheonix resting on your ashtray staring you straight in the eyes. This is life, and you’ve just taken the fattest hit. The turbines pull you, higher and higher. Faster and faster. Rise, damnit.

That’s exactly how I felt last night when I attended Sefa Pumphrey’s “Mana” Video Release Party. A small function, which had nothing to do with quantity and everything drenched in quality. I walked through the Nonosina doors after driving for 2 hours from San Diego to Buena Park. My ass hurt, my eyes were dulled. But I hardly noticed. I was excited to see Sefa’s first music video he had created with the help of many talents.

When I spotted him across the room I noticed that he was glowing. It reminded me of how light is always good, and when goodness resonates in our cores, we become beacons of light. He was an illuminated one. We said our hellos and exchanged a thousand smirks and smiles, but I let him make his rounds. This was his night after all, and we only had one task to do; support. Because we were all on island time, people eventually arrived an hour later (What the hell was I thinking, being punctual?).

Then it happened and everyone sat in a dark room and watched as the Projector screen front and center showed a mans reflection of a dream, of the connection from who we are in our everyday lives and who we were born to be. Traditions & Fire; burning like our ancestors would have wanted them too. Bridging a gap that sits within many of us…But let’s bring it back to July when Sefa and I chopped it up on the phone lines about his drummers providing all the beats for Heiva San Diego. Somewhere in between negotiated for food and lodging our ideas of the legacy we wanted to create slipped out. We shared our values and aspirations. I remember sitting in the bank when he called and our conversations flowing like a crossed web into our future prospects. He spoke, I spoke. Why did it feel like I had had this conversation in a different lifetime, on a different earth? I remember goosebumps rising and an underlying urge to cry because I had met someone who understood. It’s one thing to share your ideas and be accepted, it’s completely different when you’re genuinely understood. The same understanding crept into my consciousness as I watched the video and erupted like fireworks on the blackest of nights when he spoke of his purpose and future prospects.

He talked about creating, sharing, guiding, building our community. His words painted a canvas that had the face of one person. That person’s name was OUR TRIBE. So I had to take the time to write these recollections down. Sefa and his team are doing great things and I have no doubt that they’ll only continue down that admirable road.

And if there is one thing I would like to see, it’s that YOU support him. Check him out on Itunes, listen to his beats, stalk his gram. SUPPORT him, because you shouldn’t forget; If he grows, so does OUR TRIBE.


Lindsay Reva

Deep Blue

I could see his soul every time he let me look him in the eyes. He didn’t know, even though he could feel it. He also didn’t know that I could see his color swirling around his being like smokey magic in the air. Bluish teal, unless he was angry. Then the tips would start to fade into a deep red. It reminded me of the time I took a picture of him, a glass of wine in hand and stare fixed straight to me. As if he wanted to hurt me or possess me. It drove me crazy when I could feel his energy settle on me. Like a thousand stars shining underneath my name. He would whisper in my ear. That didn’t drive me crazy. That made me wish I had never met him. Why should someone have so much control over another human being? He wasn’t a King, and I had no right to throne him.

Nothing in my past could have prepared me for the day he stepped into my world. Picture perfect, posture erect, like the highest flower in a white rose bed garden. But he would never have been white. The smirk in his smile proved it. He would have been a fire-red rose, slowly blossomed into perfection. Thank God he was human, thank God there was poker face.

Late at night, he would come up behind me and even though I sensed his presence before he walked into the room, I pretended. I pretended because I wanted as much control as was possible with a man like that. Still, he knew. As did I. He crept like a cat behind me and placed his hands around my neck, up through my hair, and kissed me where my jaw began. I waited until he ended. Looking away from my computer into his eyes, again I saw the colors surrounded him. Like a dark blue ocean, swimming in his aura. Take me, love. Rip me with your riptides. One wave and I’m yours. Another and another. After that, float me out to sea.

People like him were so hard to find.

Oceans are never stilled.

People like him never stay.


Lindsay Reva


In My Feelings.

Calfornia king bed, honey dripping wet. Soft caramel candy tinted skin. Cherry cheeks to match mocha lips. Cinnamon twisted tips, licked by the owner of velvet wrap wrist. One kiss to the left, two for the right. Sublime, cherries soaked in red wine. Wrapped in gold, silk dripping sheets. Rockin, confidence.  Memories are forgotten, words heaven sent. For things so hard to find. Be like,

Oh, yes, honey, like. You so fine.

Rockin like,

Baby, knock em dead.


Lindsay Reva

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Bows & Beaches

She walked the beaches at night barefoot. The sand was freezing cold. Not as cold as her pale soft soles. Back and forth under the night sky, sometimes looking up for meaning, sometimes looking down into the shapes of the ground for a contradiction. Still, she walked alone in the night. A lone seagull or two sailed above the small surf. She wished she could fly into the colors of the night. Black, purple, moonlight haze.

And she thought about the bow of his lips. How much bigger his bottom lip was compared to the top. How he loved to kiss her on her neck. And especially how it was impossible to think when she felt his lips touch her skin. She walked and walked, remembered and remembered. Nighttime was his.

That was her time to contemplate everything she had lost. Daytime was filled to the brim and over with work, go, go, go, and up, up, up. But night crept into the day and brought her spearing straight down back to earth. So she walked out of her little cottage to the end of the street where a white fenced opened to a quiet and pleasant beach. The surf was rarely high. How many times had she walked the path with her hand in his? Only the stars knew.

No one in daylight would have guessed what her thoughts revolved around when darkness hit. No one could have foreseen how soft her voice became when she whispered his name to the seas.

She missed him.

Just like she missed the sunlight, the warmth, the thought of being whole again. Just like she missed feeling his lips pressed against her forehead before she fell asleep in his arms.

She simply missed him.


Lindsay Reva


Photo creds: @ Ivan S Harris Photography




Collar Bone Connected

It’s amazing what can come from the interaction of two or more individuals. 


It’s magic. Even if sometimes it feels like black covered drenched magic when deals go wrong, words get sour. Power is power. That one person can lead you to the next person, who could then introduce you to the one who will be bad for you but eventually be the reason why you were meant to meet the one who will be the best for you. Electricity sparked at the point of eye contact. You’ve met someone who shares the same belief. Miracles born, ideas exchanged. Touch, feel, plan it out; grow those bridges, baby. One brick at a time. One goal, one rhyme, whatever it is to make your life GROW. Collaborate! Light it up and watch the tip glow.

You can forge a whole new world because of one collaboration. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they seem like absolute duds. But we have to remember that for every action there is a reaction. The impact is REAL. Think of the people who watch and learn from you. I can smell the influence in the air when two people combine their thoughts and bake a fat chocolate cake of brilliance, cherry dreams bouncing on top. Seeping with layers on layers of realization that they made it, BUT they sure as hell didn’t do it ALONE like a deflated grey cupcake. The greatest are never alone. They are always working with others, like nice boys and girls out on the playground. Don’t be that stupid bully aiming the dodgeball who everyone stays away from.

When you work to create a goal with other like-minded people, you don’t just establish a bonding by the efforts, you’re setting the bars higher for everyone else. They can see with their big bright eager eyes that you were not alone. So why the hell should they be?

You should never be alone! (Unless your an emo-anti-social-socialite like me (afterparty, hell no! Solitude, yessum)). It’s tougher when you’re alone… Fewer efforts, fewer beliefs. I don’t want fewer. I want FULL, darling. That’s why we have to work together and open our minds and ideas to the judgments of others. We have to put our faith in the goodness of mankind, that we were meant to forge a path down together in bond.

We are mankind. Man was meant to be kind to each other. So turn to your brothers and sisters, friends and strangers and share your ideas. If your scared that they will use up your genius and make a muck out of it, just think about what will happen if you yourself make a HOTDAMN MESS of it. Who do you think will be by your side to understand how you feel? #CollaboratorsUnited.

I collab because I believe. I believe because I’ve been influenced.


Lindsay Reva


Life is Good

Life is good, she whispered undeath her breath when she turned 30 years old. That had been very different from when she had turned 3 and whispered that life was unfair how the giant people ruled her every breath. But it wasn’t so different when she turned 5 and sang how lucky she was to have a daddy to make her realize that she ruled him. When you rule daddy nothing else mattered.

When she reached the age of 12 “unfair” escaped her lips, not unlike when she turned 23 and the same shades of unfairness colored her entire life. But 12 was more to do with boys and teenage rampages rather than the revenge of social systems and judicial corruption. At least it wasn’t as bad as when she turned 25 and the definition of pain slapped her across the face leaving welts that would last a lifetime. That real pain felt nothing like when she was 17 and witnessed her first heartbreak. Neither did it feel like when she was 24 and saw that something big and bad was coming, like a bad storm in the distance. No one could have seen that much hurt… Still, she felt it coming. It made her wish she had gone back to before the age of 1, deep, warm, and safe in the womb, protected by her mothers’ vibrations.

That pain made her think about when she was 17 and fell out of bad love and back into a perfect kind of love. The kind that was equal, the kind where she would have done anything for him, and by the look in his eyes she knew he would do anything for her. So unlike when she turned 29 and met someone who’s eyes were always chasing the eyes of someone else.

She dreamt about life the most when she was 27 years old. Love, dreams, accomplishments filled the hours in the night when other people slept. Not her. She dreamt of a life that would come, all she had to do was see it in her mind. It reminded her when she was 9 and her mother use to take her on tours around the world. Each country, each new culture opened a new door for the little young thang. Maybe that’s why she always looked so sad at the age of 10 because she realized no matter how much she grew in her mind, she was still that little young thing. But 21 brought more promise. She had developed like the first stages of bloom. Colorful with plenty of light and water, able to sway in the wind and catch the attention of others. Yet she wasn’t dreaming about those first stages into adulthood when she was 7 and had to sit at the kid’s dinner table while the giants discussed words that she had never in her existence spoken. 22 she finally decided it was time to start speaking those words.

She spoke and spoke and met new people. Each one so different and leaving a different impact on the soil of her future. It made her remember when she was 6 and watched her older cousins with awe and pain, wondering, ” When the hell am I going to be like that?” One day baby girl, one day. She hadn’t yet realized that if you wanted to be anything in life it was more than attitude and clothes, although at the age of 11 she would have disagreed with her hands on her hips and skateboard under her feet.  At that age, all you needed was the wind, attitude, and freedom. At 16 she was surrounded by people who made her feel ugly inside, exactly what she deserved for not listening to her parents. That was a combination of gasoline and fire. she woke in the morning and didn’t like who she had become. “What have I done with my life? Who have I helped?” Since the age of 13, she had only walked in the path of uselessness and mimicked All Bad. These things happen with the ages…

Thankfully she awoke one morning on her 28th birthday and felt power deep and steady in her mind, realizing that all she had to do to accomplish everything she ever wanted was that; DO. Since the age of 4, she had been used to hearing people and their talk. They didn’t know the secret of life and how easy it could be if you simply did. 

So after she woke up with this revelation a new type of belief set her life’s prospect at the pinnacle on the highest mountain. She stopped thinking about all the doubts she had when she was 12 and insecure. She erased all the pains of being misunderstood and simply saw what the miraculous word DO meant, and without a second to waste, she followed through.

Something that had been in her heart all along, but had always stumbled while trying to find the key.

On her 30th birthday, she was surrounded by everyone who loved and cared about her. It reminded her of her first birthday party, the same one that no one came too and disappointment was paramount. Her sadness on that day was a reflection of her happiness.  Intensity was real. Souls could be felt. In front of her was a cake crafted by her best friend. Besised her were people holding up their camera phones, capturing something that because of outside factors from the past, couldn’t quite be comprehended. Further to the side were others that believed in her because they felt the reverberations of her heart. Or maybe because she had touched their own heart.

She brought her hands up to her face as if in prayer and whispered gently so that no one could hear,

Life is good.


Lindsay Reva


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