Own IT, Lovely

I hope someday I will make it out of my doubts,

Even if it takes a few nights or a few thousand years.

I hope one day I can take care of my family and fight the beginnings and ends of all my fears.

Until I stand tall, skin and bones, underneath the sun, up against the wind,

One day I will make it.

Even if I’m broken to pieces, shredded finely to dust, at least I know

I will find myself.

And you, can you really say what it means, “To be Free?”

I will attain my own happiness, to become the woman I was meant to be.

Take your influence, take your judgment.

I am light as a feather, darling.

Till skin and bones, till dust and damned.

No one can touch me.

For I have been taken by the wind,

I am my own.

Isn’t it lovely?


Lindsay Reva


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