Shadows Blooming

Kiss me on my lips.

Pull my hair;

Anything, as long as I know

Somewhere in your life’s heart beat

There’s a single note of me

To prove a part of you cares.

I am rivers and I am mountains

So why do you stare

As if my existence were the last trickle

From a dried up fountain?

I saw a pink plumeria bloom

Deep in the shadows.

It gave me hope

That one day I could escape

From the beauty of your hollows.

Unraveled unrolled systematic furlough.

The curve of your neck,

Imagining my hands soothing

Every single one of your ticks.

How I’ve tried every single one of my tricks

But I am love-red

You are blue- dead.

Polar opposites, different prospects

In the end does it really matter?

Even if you despise me

You are not mine,

But I’m forever yours.

We are not together,

But when you’re around,

Fulfillment, lust, by wings outstretched

I soar.


Lindsay Reva

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