Do you miss me?


Oh… That sort of hurts.

It shouldn’t. Because I don’t miss you.

I fiend for you. Remembering the beauty mark above the curve of your lip drives me over the edge. The way your cheeks become two small roses after we make love. How you wash me down cleaner than snow underneath the shower. When we’re in the dark and you please me until I can take it no longer. The sensuality in one simple kiss. The way you feed me, even though I can feed myself. The way you smile at me with your lips. The way you smile at me with your eyes. How smooth your skin feels compared to everyone else. How light you make me feel within your arms. How heavy my heart sinks when you whisper all of your secrets. You could make me cry, not one single drop would be pain. How your fingertip makes me fly. One look and I forget the days I had once prayed to die. We fit, not like a puzzle, more like a blood diamond forever set in titanium metal. Your tongue on my skin, shoots through me like riptides and rapids. When you walk away, I sink like concrete bricks in the sea. Straight to the bottom of the ocean. If it were the contrary, I’m high. An eagle flying, the freest of animals in the blue sky. Intoxication comes with the sound of your laugh. If you were besides me, my hands would be on you. If you were in the same room, my eyes would touch you. If we were in the same building, my mind would never let you go. And yet… you left me despite that I fiend for you, biting the bullet, wishing it weren’t so.

So no. I don’t miss you. I’d have to empty my heart for that to happen. But baby, I need you.



Lindsay Reva

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