I Miss It

Have you ever been to Japan when the Cherry Blossoms are blooming? What about Bora Bora, meditating in the Blue Lagoons? Have you ever been so alone that you finally find yourself?

I have. All three, I’ve felt and seen, tasted with every single one of my senses and I must say, they are delicious. My memory still taps into when I stood beneath the Sakura tree and stared up into the sky while the white and pink silk petals settled. Around me, on me, deep inside of me they fell. Keep it coming, honey. Reminding me of how lovely things can come in all directions when you least expect it. Do you remember the absolute thrill that comes with anything of brilliance? Its effect is deafening. I was certainly sad when I stood underneath that tree. I wasn’t lost, but I certainly had no direction, very little purpose. Shell-like in all my minds finery; an ugly creature if you dug down deep. It didn’t matter that I was already as deep as you can go what mattered is that I could see the beauty in a single petal falling down. Those bedazzled kits don’t have SH$% on nature. Can you see it?

Gifts are all around us. They spring from the ground up.

Have you been to Bora Bora? If you haven’t, keep dreaming. Eventually, you’ll get there. I would swim for hours and hours until my auntie started telling people I was half human, half fish. No auntie, I am half human, half wish. Soaked in sun, bathed in salt waters. Opening your eyes underwater because you HAVE to see what the rest of the world is missing. That must be the reason why I’m so blind, all those open-eyed Blue lagoons, baby. Magically floating like a dream come true…It’s yours, and you all alone. How lucky I have been to call a blue lagoon all my own. It’s not really mine of course, but one can certainly pretend when not even a chirp of a bird can interrupt you under the surface of the water. Solitude, wash me clean. The sweetest kiss a human being can give themselves is that first dip. My heart smiles when my mind takes me back. Dimples and all. Open waters, silence, peace in the air, never-ending horizon, here I am. But if there is only one thing I recommend while you swim and sink to the bottoms surface, running your fingers over the fine white sand, it’s not to forget the most important lesson in life;

Breathe. Go up, and take one, take another. Be greedy as hell. Breathe in your happiness. I dare you.

After you take that breath with Paradise draped on everything in sight; you better not forget to REMEMBER.

One day you’ll need it.


Lindsay Reva



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