With Wings We Soared


Can you and I please keep a word within our hearts? RISE.

When you wake up in the morning and remember what you were born to be; you must RISE up and get it.

If you’re tired of going to work, tired of feeding other mouths; think about that RAISE that’ll change everything.

A beloved passed away and sorrow latches on to your heart; believe that they ROSE and be happy, for they have risen my dear.

School couldn’t keep you focused if your life depended on it; don’t forget the prize that comes with a full RIDE nor the smile that lights your mothers face. Your success is theirs.

Unhappiness meets you at every corner and you are lost, hurt beyond repair? Stop it, now. And RISE.

You are better than any of your doubts. You have the capability to shine brighter than any ray of light after a thousand years of midnight blackness.

Forget the snobs that lift up their noses. Likewise to the negatives and sorrow sharers. Open your hearts, your mind, and more than anything your belief.

Look into your palms and visualize the hope & happiness you can create. I can already see it.



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