First, Think

The first thought in the morning might be the most important one.

My eyes open and I remember that everyday is one day closer to death, yet I breathe. Gratitude.

As I lay there I feel the pull of my muscle scream to get up, to get out, to LIVE. Hope.

I roll to my side, cuddle my pillow, and become unbelievably happy that my pillow fits perfectly around me, just the way it should. Maybe one day it’ll be another human being! Believe.

My mind raced through the day ahead of me and dances over the scenes which I look forward to the most. Pleasure.

Before I get my lazy arse up I pray,

Thanks, for making me the happiest, luckiest, out of this universe thankful girl in the whole wide world. Knowledge.

Thankful that today is going to be amazing. But first, let me go back to sleep just for a few more minutes…


Lindsay Reva

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