Little Things

Dust rose in the air like gold glitter. The floors were white slick pools.

The air outside was cold and dry. Sharper than a needle.

Wind could be heard from everyone sitting inside the building. Sometimes they imagined they could feel it. But they could not.

Except for the lonesome girl who stood in the exercise field staring straight up into the clouds. How beautiful they were, she thought to herself.

Snow started falling and before it reached her she smiled. The cold didn’t even bother her despite the fact that she was wearing a slim nightgown with socks.

Normal people would have despised her, but where she stood, she was safe from the outside judges. Inside judges didn’t care.

The first snowflake landed right below her left eye and was replaced immediately by a teardrop that forced its way out, down her pale face, and forever forward into the hard concrete ground.

Never in her life had she felt something as magnificent as the first time she was touched by a snowflake. Never will I forget, she promised. Never.

The guards called her and she shut her eyes. Back she went to a thousand more years of Solitude.

Goodbye lovely freedom, she whispered to the glitter and crystals that spun around her like lovers in a duet. Entering the door of her captives, she did not cry. Instead, she smiled because the moment she felt the coolness of God touch her face she knew that she would be blessed forever.



Lindsay Reva


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