What Makes You Happy?

Chemistry. Meeting halfway. Electricity. Buzzing in happiness. The warmth from sunrays. Going up in an elevator. Walking downstairs. The first sip of coffee.  Learning a new word. Getting all, and not nothing. Long hot showers after long hot days. Making strangers laugh. Creativity. Making friends feel worthy. Choosing good over bad. Comparing my past to my present. Chocolate chip cookie dough. Pretty thoughts. Pink doughnuts. Glittered roses. The way French kiss your cheek. The way American men shake your hand. The way Tahitian men raise their eyebrows. Chasing after prettier thoughts. Manifesting. Understanding sections to make a whole. Intellectuals. Laughing at my idiocy. Chocolate on my tongue. Remembering where my bruises came from. Finding my keys. Walks to nowhere in particular.

But what makes me the happiest?

Knowing that my life could be so much worse, but instead, I am blessed.


Lindsay Reva.


Ivan S Harris Photography


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