Fortune Cookie Thoughts

Always be kind. No matter how hard a person seems, do not forget that there is goodness in them. Your smile can change a person’s day. Falling in love will never be a bad thing. Heartbreak won’t last forever. Even though the bad times seem to last forever, change will come. Change is good. Never stop thinking about your growth and potential. Always focus on light. Never be afraid of the darkness. Surrounded by power, you might just come out influenced. Stay away from the wrongdoings and evil. When it’s good, you’ll feel it in your soul. Thank your mother and father. Love your brother and sister. Honor your elders. Organisation can be the foundation of your successes. Believe, until you become. Nothing is impossible. Your mind does not stop growing. You are never too old. Nor too young. If you understand the foundation of any organization, you can succeed.


Lindsay Reva

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