Tune In, Darling.

Can you feel it when someone else is thinking about you?

Someone on the other side of the world who sits in the shadows of a jungle surrounded by wild while you sit surrounded my wifi, someone across the street in a high rise whose office can’t be seen yet you imagine their silhouette pressed up against the glass window looking down at you as you pass by, someone locked away in a fortress of solitude and walls while you feel the wind in your hair, freer than free. Someone out there is thinking about you.

Can’t you feel it in the air?

Do we have the capacity to feel the thoughts of others? Things happen. Things that we usually call coincidences. Yet, what about that time when out of the blue you thought about that person who you NEVER think about, and in your back pocket, a vibration disrupts your thoughts until you look down and the same person’s caller ID smiles at you. Or maybe mocks you. You dreamt about someone who has been centuries out of your life and when you wake up a text from them awaits you. How can that be a coincidence? How can your thoughts not have had a trigger effect? Or their thoughts pulled the trigger.

Boom. My thoughts are calling you.

I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. I’m not sure if I can go so far as to say we all have fate. No, I think the future can change at any second because of the choices we decide to make or not make. But I can’t believe that certain things were not meant to happen and certain people were not meant to walk into our lives. I’ve seen too many answers from the questions within my mind.

Like the time…

More than the air I breathed, I needed a friend who I could count on, who was loyal, and who had the same visions as me. Poeiti Bordes walked into my life the same day I realized this. Once upon a time, I felt a thousand broken hearts all at once deep in my chest and I had no choice but to live with it. Happiness wasn’t meant for me. The day I decided I was worth something, doors opened that could not have opened unless a miracle had spread its wings and settled on me. No, it wasn’t a miracle, it was my acceptance in the membranes of my most powerful asset sending out signals. She’s Ready. She’s Ready. She’s Ready. Then one day I started to write about a character that would only exist on paper, could only exist on paper. They were too damn perfect to live in real time. It wasn’t my fault that my mind wandered off the wrong track and wondered…or could they? The character of my creation took two cool steps up to me and placed a flower behind my ear slow as hell for effect. By god did it have an effect. Bolts of electricity, a white flower. Lawdddd, get this heathen away from me! But not quite yet.

Manifestation, baby.

So if all these things can just appear out of the thin precious air, why can’t we communicate with each other on the same silent frequency. Why can’t I feel you enter and probe my mind and vice versa… When I look at someone in the eyes and thoughts flash before my eyes, maybe it’s time I start believing them because these were the signals that we evolved to understand. Or maybe I’m just losing my mind.

Either one is fine by me.

When it’s late at night and your head is resting against your pillow and I enter your thoughts, maybe it’s because I’m sending you a message. Maybe that message is,


Lindsay Reva

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