Alpha Lips

They walk into a room and a silence more exhilarating than a thousand hands clapping could be heard.

They look at you with creased eyebrows and your heart skips.

They laugh and you taste happiness in your mouth.

They cry and you feel as if you witness something unforgiving, Horrible, that should have been kept behind closed doors and at the same time, you feel as if you’ve witnessed something that you will cherish forever because that was the day they too became human.

Powerful women. It doesn’t matter what they wear or the shape they come in, when they walk they’re drenched in Sex Appeal. They turn burlap sacks into Class. When they talk, their animation is intoxicating and you want to do nothing but grin like a school kid who has just been told the schools most valuable secret. And because they’re talking the talk to you, you’re #WINNING.

Powerful women rule the world. I say that only because I have met some very powerful men, but never have they affected me as the Alpha Women have. Why is that? With men, you can sense their intelligence, wisdom, and strength. Bla, bla, bla. Sometimes you look into their eyes and see absolute POWER. Another bla. But with a woman, even before they speak, even before eye contact is made, you can FEEL their power.

That’s the ultimate difference and I’m lucky enough to have met enough powerful women to see how they can shift the atmosphere of a room full of people just by their presence. They are not weak, even if they pretend to be. If you mess with their family, by God you better say your prayers and sleep with your eyes open. Their spirit is after you, sucka. They will never fail. Maybe a few stumbles, but the ultimate Power Princess’ and Queen never, never, never give up.

Kiki Solia. Tiana Liufau. Janelle Fejeran. Edieanne Stanely. Manouche Lehartel. Jeannie Napoleon. Erena Uura. Kehaulani Chanquy. Taina Elena. My mama of course (if you think I’m a little biased, than simple kiss my arse). The names can go on and on and DEEP into history. Yet these fine ladies have stood out to me all for different reasons. None of them are alike except for one aspect; they are unforgettable, and when they walked into my life, it was impossible to forget them.

You’d move mountains for them, but they move mountains on their own.



Lindsay Reva


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