We All Have Secrets

What was his secret?

He walked the streets and splashes of goodness fell behind him, each step left a puddle of invisible bliss. He’d always pretend that no one was watching but that was the best thing to do, he decided, when everyone was in fact watching.

They wanted to touch him. Come closer, their eyes silently whispered.

No, his lips silently answered.

It was all part of his gift he knew, that everywhere he went he would always be wanted because he was an Energy Gifter. No one knew it but they could all feel it. He walked into a room and could see the sadness of others, taste it in the air. Something rotten, something cruel. All it took to take away the pain was something as simple as a smile, a word, a brush on their shoulder. Then they’d be fixed. For the meantime until the next wave of disappointment crashed down on them.

He certainly never signed up for it. Still, he wasn’t cruel like some of the others Energy Gifters who kept their kindness tucked deep in their bellies like a rusted treasure. He gave, and when they needed more, he simply gave and gave until he wondered if life had any other purpose for him.

The first time he had soothed a broken heart he remembered the sweetness in the young girls laugh when she ripped up the letter that a second ago had torn her to pieces. She had strutted away never to think about such a waste of a lover again and he stayed behind to collect the pieces of desecrated words as proof of his first accomplishment. The beginning of his collection and his purpose. He felt a twinge of lightness until he heard a man yelling down the street…

A homeless man yelled angerly at the blackened wall before him as if it had been the reason why his life was so damn cursed. He walked straight up to the dirt covered man and put one finger to his foul smelling mouth, looking him straight in the eyes. One word escaped his lips,


The homeless man was never seen again, and his habitual liquor store wondered if he had died or would be found in a sewer or canyon. He would not, instead, he forgave and moved on with his life.

But this man that brought happiness to the masses with the wink of an eye, what made him happy?


As soon as he received it, he simply gave it away. That was his biggest secret of all. It wasn’t that he could have been called a sorcerer or demon who possessed powers to please. It was that no matter how many peoples lives he touched, no matter how many souls he kissed with love, no matter how many holes of unhappiness he covered, he himself would forever have to hide his own unhappiness.

He doesn’t know it yet, but someone out there is watching him. They don’t need to be healed, nor are they unhappy. They were sent to heal him.

One day he will meet Fate.


Lindsay Reva






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