The Loveliness

Today was a lovely day.

My grandfather turned 89 years old. The sky was a brilliant blue. Light was everywhere. Not once did I lose my cool. The stress stuck in my mind but never reached my heart. I heard a song today that made me feel like a genius. I hugged my grandmother because she’s just the cutest damn thing in the world. I drove my mom to the Border rather than have an Uber stranger go out of their way; I would move mountains for her. My iced coffee immediately made me a winner on a hot as hades kind of day. My brother called me more than once. A butterfly flew right past me and even when it went out of my site the patterns of its wings stayed with me. I daydreamt about how it felt to be woken up by a kiss.

And I felt sure that every day after this we be lovely, if not lovelier.


Lindsay Reva


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