Get IT.

Hello my Lovelies,

Just wanted to send a friendly reminder that your dreams are waiting to be GOT.

Don’t think about the stress that will come if you up and quit that miserable job of yours. Don’t think about the waves of loneliness that’ll hit when no one seems to be beside you. Don’t you dare think about the things they’ll say when you took the courage and craze one step closer to your heart’s natural selection. Oh no. NO.NOO.

Instead, I want you to think about how light you’ll feel when you realized you reach that door which others swore would be closed forever. Think about how you reign as Queen in the Clouds, King of the Lifted, riding high not on drugs or alcoholic poisons, but instead on the steady knowledge that you could have lost it all but instead you only rose higher, and higher, on a never-ending elevator. Think about their faces when they realize that you made a life for yourself. Not made up of pencil pushing, Parents commanding, Wifey demanding mishaps, but instead you made yourself someone determined.

You were determined to be born with a vision and to make it happen. In that vision you could not only see yourself, but you could feel your insides swell in lightning storms of happiness. You felt it so passionately that you realized this could never be real, this was a DREAM. You saw that dream when you closed your eyes, then a funny thing happened…

You opened your eyes, and saw it again. As you turned corners, it was there waiting for you in plain site for the world to see. But they couldn’t really see it. They were blind baby. Only you could. Even when you tried to ignore it, you felt it like you feel the wind standing at the front of a ship. A twinge in your chest, a throb in your core. Forget it, you spoke to your inside thoughts and meditations. Forget it.

No. I will not forget you Dream. 

You will not and you did not. So now if you followed the path which your dreams led you, and again, a funny thing happened.

You became happiness. You bathed in content. You breathed in a cool gust of Freedom. All at the price of what?

Hard F*$%ing work.

You want your dreams to turn into reality love? Better be willing to get it.


Lindsay Reva


Photo by Ivan S. Harris


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