I Know It’s Been Awhile

But I just wanted to tell each and every one of you that you are special, and I hope you know it.
When you open your eyes in the morning are you not happy that you have one more day to be alive?
When you look into the mirror do you see how bright your eyes shine whether there’s gloom or rain outside?
When you drive to work, are you not ecstatic about the thoughts going through your mind because of the purpose and meaning that are the driving factors behind those sentiments?

I am.

And when the days pass by far too quickly, work done until even my lovely bones are tired, I am content because every day I have here is another day that I have striven to make my life meaningful. Through smiles, projects, words, breathe. My days were the makings of a human being in the pursuit of purpose.

Whether you know your life’s​ meaning or​ not, I hope you can at least​​ appreciate every day​ you get out of bed. You always have a choice to take a step on the path of happiness. Always.

Be good in your waking moments’​ lovelies. Leave the bad in midnight dreams. We’re living inreality​y.

Lindsay Reva

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