Don’t You Be Afraid

Hello Darling,

The things you want in life are simple. They enter your vision, process through your mind, and flutter around in your heart.

When they settle, their wings tickle your insides and even though they are softer than a delicate snowflake, what they do to your soul has more power than the vibrations of a thousand elephants rushing away from rebels. The reverberation got you shook.

The only way to heal it is to listen.

So listen carefully you lovely piece of work. Keep your eyes open, feel with you heart, and don’t ignore the calling within your soul. If you want something you can easily go get it.

The only thing that can stop you is yourself. Don’t even try to put the blame on others.

Have a beautiful day hearts.


Lindsay Reva

Mua @_the_pretty_swagger 📸 @ TEVA

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