Why Must I FEEL So MUCH?

This week has been unbelievably emotional for me. At times I feel like my heart is melting inside of my chest and other times I feel as if I’m cradling Pandoras Box between my temples.

I am full. Work. Dreams. Prayers.

Full of life. When I wake, my bones scream, “UP! NOW!” When I sleep, my eyes beg, “One more.. ONE MORE!” I am full of life and it keeps me up at night. No, it’s not once upon a time nightmares or boyfriends, it’s my life and desires flowing in and out of my consciousness defining my every thought and movement. My want is bad. My need is even worse. How bad do you have life beating in that chest of yours, Pretty? What is it you want most in life? Realize it and ENVISION. See your Dream right in front of your face moving seductively closer until you feel it brush against your ear and whisper,

“Come and get it, honey.” Yes, Master.

Kings and Queens, do you know why you’re special? You’re one of a kind. That simple. Stop comparing yourself to others. Can you judge a bird by how it swims? Can you judge a butterfly by how much weight it carries on its back? Let it go, darling. Let the filth of associations and judgments slide swiftly 10,452 feet away from you and be free.

Be yourself. And don’t forget to WORK, DREAM. & PRAY. Better days, lovely. Always.


Lindsay Reva

Ivan S. Harris Photography

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