Dear Heart,

I know you doubt yourself sometimes (More like the majority of the time) especially when you wake up in the morning and the mass of work or problems greets you like a giant mountain of unwanted-month-old laundry…BUT; Don’t give up. Everything is going to be fine. I can feel you beating harder than you’ve ever done before. I can feel it. But just know that your not in this thing called life alone. Yes, you pump and go, blood in blood out, and it’d be so easy to take that simple break that will last into forever six-feet under. YET... you’re not in this alone. And I need you. I need you to push on because you are my heart and without you, what the hell am I? I am cold. I am corpse.

But you Heart, you are so very dear to me. You bring sunshine into this life and make me feel fire inside my chest. You are special in the ways that no one else can be. I can feel your magic even though I have no idea how a miracle like you can exist in a mechanical world as the one surrounding us. You are warmth and my cheeks turn pink only as a result of you. You are bright. You are bold. You are beautiful. When I walk into a silent room filled with stillness, I still feel only your strength, I hear clearly the notes of your power. When I’m unsure all I have to do is gently place my fingertips on my throat and your pulse reminds me.

Brilliant Heart, stop comparing yourself to other hearts. Who are they to you? Who are you to them? Nothingness. The only thing that matters is your fire, your belief, your goodness and that it keeps pumping and flowing strongly into the eternity of your existence. If someone doesn’t like you… It’s only because you scare them. People fear what they don’t understand you see. Something as brilliant as you would scare me too. Thankful I know you. Heart, don’t give up. Somebody’s life depends on it.

J’adore, mon Coeur.


Lindsay Reva

Mua @theprettypalette photo @bryanTEVAMua @theprettypalette photo @bryanTEVAMua @theprettypalette photo @bryanTEVAMua @theprettypalette photo @bryanTEVAMua @theprettypalette photo @bryanTEVA

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