Yesterday was simply beautiful. I helped organize the Service and Celebration of Life of a family friend, a family who I hold close to my heart.

Seeing them happy despite​ the​ circumstances, made me forget(my pain). Seeing them smile, made me remember(my happiness).

Gratitude forever


Lindsay Reva

The Fairytales Were Real

That freckle right above your lip. The way you say, Unbelievable when I do something unbelievable. The smooth whiskey in your voice. The quickness of your mind. The silk in your skin. A kaleidoscope of gold when the light hits your eyes. Craze in your laughter. Your scent, like a fresh river. The pace of your walk; owning it, always. How I feel when you’re far. How I feel when you’re close. What happens when you touch me with your eyes. How you notice everything. How you think I notice nothing. The brilliance that swallows us. That first sight when we go long without seeing each other. Honey and milk got nothing on your words. The beauty of your angry. The illumination in your excited. The bliss radiating off you when you stand within my flawed arms.

Maybe you’re somewhere out there. Maybe not.

For all you hopeless romantics. Have a nice day.


Lindsay Reva

Angel Down

Ever feel like turning your back on the rest of the world?

Don’t, love.

You might have a hard day when you’re pushed to your limits and people come stomping (ungraceful as hell) into your path who make it so much harder than it should be but don’t forget all the people who need you. I need you. Just think of the pleasures awaiting you.

That someone who ruins your day can just as easily walk away, especially if you threaten their hate with kindness, love, and goodness. What would God do…They want your displeasure and when you don’t give it to them, they’ll go looking for it somewhere else. Sometimes they find it. Let them be and keep your head held high.

Someone unbelievable will walk into your life. That person is going to make you feel like your shoes are slicker than Cinderella’s, laugh like that first puff, even make you contemplate gravity because you are flying. Too much fairytale, not enough truth? Maybe that person was you all along.

Keep it pushing lovely. You’ve got too much goodness to answer for.


Lindsay Reva

Photo by @the_olivedistrict

Why Must I FEEL So MUCH?

This week has been unbelievably emotional for me. At times I feel like my heart is melting inside of my chest and other times I feel as if I’m cradling Pandoras Box between my temples.

I am full. Work. Dreams. Prayers.

Full of life. When I wake, my bones scream, “UP! NOW!” When I sleep, my eyes beg, “One more.. ONE MORE!” I am full of life and it keeps me up at night. No, it’s not once upon a time nightmares or boyfriends, it’s my life and desires flowing in and out of my consciousness defining my every thought and movement. My want is bad. My need is even worse. How bad do you have life beating in that chest of yours, Pretty? What is it you want most in life? Realize it and ENVISION. See your Dream right in front of your face moving seductively closer until you feel it brush against your ear and whisper,

“Come and get it, honey.” Yes, Master.

Kings and Queens, do you know why you’re special? You’re one of a kind. That simple. Stop comparing yourself to others. Can you judge a bird by how it swims? Can you judge a butterfly by how much weight it carries on its back? Let it go, darling. Let the filth of associations and judgments slide swiftly 10,452 feet away from you and be free.

Be yourself. And don’t forget to WORK, DREAM. & PRAY. Better days, lovely. Always.


Lindsay Reva

Ivan S. Harris Photography

I’ll Be There

Take Action Charity Gala- May 24, 2018 7 pm at Castelli Art Space

There are 294 consulates,  embassies and diplomatic missions across the world and millions of Americans living abroad, yet there are few services that actually help to guide and support victims abroad during and after their trauma.  We advocate for implementable solutions in U.S. government and in host countries to provide protection for these victims and assurance of their human rights.


Head High, Soldier!

If you want something, go get it! Nothing in life is free!!! But you’ve heard all this mumbo jumbo before. Yet I repeat for the people who don’t realize how simple it is to invest in the path which you want your life to follow; The path which would bring you more happiness. Why depend on luck? That’s not even an option for me since I might be the most unlucky as hell person to roam the earth. There is chance, but even that doesn’t last forever. Go ask any high roller. Work for what you believe in and always believe in yourself. Head High, Soldier! Stop mopping around, unwrap your head from all that negativity and pessimism, and throw life into your future, one breath at a time. If you want more work, then you better be someone people want to work with. Not willing to change yourself? By God, I hope you have brilliance and brains… No matter, Head High, Soldier. Hit those notes, dash that work, reach the heights, live the life.

Sit on your arse, fine. But the fruits of your actions will cause your destiny to dry up like the remains of a cracked lake. You look into the vast bed of nothing, seeing the weeds and wonder how something so vast could all of a sudden shrivel up like the skin of an ancient being. No rain, love. No action. No change. Don’t even act surprised when you see your dreams walk away on shaky twig legs, barely able to make it out of the room before they snap into a cloud of ruins. You could try to run and salvage, but if you let them take those first few steps away from you, something tells me you’re already too far to catch up. The sloth on the sly holds you in its grip. Principles baby.

Isaac Newton’s laws of motion were first set down in his Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis in 1687. The first law states that an object will stay at rest or move with a constant velocity, unless it is acted upon by an external force.
The second law is the one that tells you how to calculate the value of a force. Force (measured in Newtons) is one of the fundamental physical properties of a system and comes in many forms. You might feel it as a push or pull (a mechanical force), while it is the value of your weight (the gravitational force of the Earth pulling on you) and can be seen in the repulsion or attraction of magnets or electric charges (electromagnetic force). A force might be the result of any number of fundamental physical interactions between bits of matter but Newton’s second law allows you to work out how a force, when it is present, will affect the motion of an object.

Where’s your force? Chaos and nothingness. If you want to create something already envisioned in your mind; the job that would make your life financially easier, making your significant other happier, taking that vacation to paradise (the list can go on and on), everything will take some effort on your behalf. EFFORT. It doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure that much out. But the hardest part for human beings (in my opinion) is how much do you really want it? Where’s your force soldier? That is the ultimate divider. Do you feel a pit in your stomach when you think of your dreams because you haven’t yet reached them? Do you break out in a cold sweat when you’re so close to touching them, palms clammy as hell? Does the image of your destiny stay within your vision day and night?

I do/it does. And it pains me. But it makes me stronger in the sense that I not only know what I want in life but I can feel it. I sleep so little and I’m fine with that because my soul won’t rest until I get the thing I want in life. If I fail? Fine. So be it! But I’ll be DAMNED if I fail because I half-assed this thing called life.

Head HIGH, Soldier!! You’ve got dreams to pursue. You’ve got your own wishes to grant. Feel like taking a nap? Okay pussycat, when you’re done don’t forget that the work you left behind, just like my boy Newton said, is either collecting a layer of dust or has converted to untameable chaos. Choose your weapon.

I choose fire.


Lindsay Reva

Bow & I Shall Bow Back

First I must tell you that I absolutely ADDOOOORRRREEEEE you. Duh.

Second: You will never be at a loss for being too respectful or too kind.

Seriously, guys do you think a woman would slap you for opening the door for her? If she did, where the hell did you find her? In an Ubercarpool?! Ladies is it painful to say the magic words ” Thank you”. No baby, it’s the opposite. You say thank you, and they remember because thankfulness is sweet. What’s the opposite of sweet? Sour. YUK!.  LAWWDD, go ahead and run amok in ignorance of humanity and compassion, but what does that say about your character? What does that say about your mama? What does that say to the person who just bent over backward to help you with something they could have easily side-stepped from? It says a lot. Fathoms in the Mariana Trench, a lot. That’s a S*#% load. 

You lose nothing from being generous, polite, and respectful. But it doesn’t go both ways. I personally take rudeness as a marked flaw. That’s because I’m constantly evaluating my own actions. Did I forget to say thank you to Angelea for helping me remember why I deserve better? Did I forget to say thank you to my mother for being the sweetest soul God could have given me? There are so many people who help me. So many people who have offered me their heart on a platter. The heaviness of that realization makes me feel all mushy inside. Not like mash potatoes mushy (nahhhh) , more like pretty pink jello mushy after your spoon has had its way with it (ART!).

But also, being good to other human beings makes them happy. When someone is polite to me I want to squeeze them (can you imagine if my emotions had no filters? trouble!) I once remarked to a man, ” Would it hurt you to be a little more polite to me?” His response: GIRRLLLLLL, it’s 2018! You out here trying to be an independent woman, and all of a sudden you want me to open doors and take you on long walks in the park. When the hell did I say I was an independent woman (which I am, suckaa)? And what the hell does that have to do with walks in the park? I think walks in the park are nice, it’s true. But that’s irrelevant to how I would like to be treated kindly, generously, and in a respect that you should want in return. Can you imagine if everyone just ignored everyone? No hugs, no parting kisses, no remorse. No, ” Damn that was nice as hell, you just made my day” Life would be rough.

Onooo, couldn’t live in a world like that. HELLS no.

It all started when I was a child. I went to visit an elderly woman at the hospital. I was maybe 6 or 7 years old. There was a family next to me and as they greeted each other a boy about my age went up to his aging grandmother and bowed. Then he hugged her. I stared at him the whole time like he was an alien who had taken over the body of a blond-haired boy with freckles and blue eyes. Weirdo. But I was in awe of the weirdo. At that young age, I saw his respect for his elders and I also saw the respect the elders had for him. He went from weirdo to the respectable respected. I have no idea who the kid was but I do wonder what he might be doing nowadays… Maybe he became spiderman? Or maybe he’s in prison….Nahhhhh! He’s probably all about them spidey senses. Watch your back, villains!

You could lose a lot for being ungrateful, rude, and a complete prick. Friendships and family have been torn apart because graciousness was left behind in the dust like a animals skeleton which makes you wonder, how did this happen? We don’t know how it happened. We just know one day the streets were clean and today… Someone ran over a dog and didn’t even bother to pick it up.

Giving thanks takes some effort. But so does waking up in the morning, brushing your teeth, putting your makeup on, bla bla bla. All that work. Would it be so much EXTRA to add a dash of courtesy to your life? If it does, then by God you must be as busy as Trump himself.

Rude ones, keep away. I’m in this life for the goodness.


Lindsay Reva



Mothers day is here! So why don’t you throw a little originality in it and gift her with these lovely gems of the sea.

I’m forever a BlackPearlBabe. And what?


Lindsay Reva

Mama’s gunna love me. $150/EACH


Dear Heart,

I know you doubt yourself sometimes (More like the majority of the time) especially when you wake up in the morning and the mass of work or problems greets you like a giant mountain of unwanted-month-old laundry…BUT; Don’t give up. Everything is going to be fine. I can feel you beating harder than you’ve ever done before. I can feel it. But just know that your not in this thing called life alone. Yes, you pump and go, blood in blood out, and it’d be so easy to take that simple break that will last into forever six-feet under. YET... you’re not in this alone. And I need you. I need you to push on because you are my heart and without you, what the hell am I? I am cold. I am corpse.

But you Heart, you are so very dear to me. You bring sunshine into this life and make me feel fire inside my chest. You are special in the ways that no one else can be. I can feel your magic even though I have no idea how a miracle like you can exist in a mechanical world as the one surrounding us. You are warmth and my cheeks turn pink only as a result of you. You are bright. You are bold. You are beautiful. When I walk into a silent room filled with stillness, I still feel only your strength, I hear clearly the notes of your power. When I’m unsure all I have to do is gently place my fingertips on my throat and your pulse reminds me.

Brilliant Heart, stop comparing yourself to other hearts. Who are they to you? Who are you to them? Nothingness. The only thing that matters is your fire, your belief, your goodness and that it keeps pumping and flowing strongly into the eternity of your existence. If someone doesn’t like you… It’s only because you scare them. People fear what they don’t understand you see. Something as brilliant as you would scare me too. Thankful I know you. Heart, don’t give up. Somebody’s life depends on it.

J’adore, mon Coeur.


Lindsay Reva

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Average Day

I wish everyone a beautiful day.

Even if it’s raining where you are, think about how roses glisten with raindrops. If it’s snowing, think about how lovely the dirt ground looks as it sparkles white. If it’s too hot, think about how much more fire burns in your heart.

Wherever you are don’t let anything get you down. Believe in the best and eventually you’ll be surrounded with it.


Lindsay Reva

Touch My Heart and I’ll Touch Yours.

It’s so hard trying to please everyone. The more I try, the more dimmed my vision gets when I look into the mirror. I use to see light shining my eyes.  Sometimes I use to joke with my friends and tell them that my soul was rose gold. But every jokes has a dash of truth, and that’s how I feel sometimes. I look up at the sun and my soul speaks the same language. I look into the moon’s many eyes and wink right on back. I walk around feeling like a princess because I feel GOOD, I feel SPECIAL, I feel as if I AM exactly who I was meant to be. I AM FREE. 

But not everyone feels the same. Someone I love called me spoiled. This same person also tells me that I’m living in a fairy-tale sometimes like I shouldn’t have the most perfect day every day. Immediately upon hearing this my love shrank back in disgust and felt the fierce sensation that she ought to sink her claws into the said acquaintance. But I’m a good girl. And instead of bringing blood to the table I bought the ultimatum. If you don’t want a queen, go find yourself a pawn. In other words, who the hell are you? DEUCES.

But the damage had been done because my easily influential conscious picked up the words and in the night when I was alone her seedy little voice started to whisper in my ear. Who do you think you are? Give up. What do you have that they don’t? Give up. Why do you always want more? Give up. What do you think will happen if you fail? Again. Give up. 

Is it me or is it impossible to stay on cloud nine all of the time… The only person I know who is happy 100% of the time is my grandfather, Captain Mac. I don’t know how he does it. He’s so JOLLY… all the time. It’s beautiful and people gravitate to him like my fingers to chocolate. So I went to search for my grandfather’s golden aura at church one lovely Sunday afternoon. After the priest had given his sermon and the flock filed out of the large wooden doors, I sat with Captain Mac in the shade and asked him how he found his happiness. He looked at me like I was alien.

Honey, there’s no reason for us not to be happy. I have a beautiful family and I’ve had a life where I’ve accomplished everything I set my mind on. Everything I wanted I got. Maybe I’m just a lucky son of a gun but I worked hard for everything in my life and because I did something, instead of nothing look at the legacy I have…there is no regret when you try to be better, to be good. And honey, you’re great. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. 

I left my grandparents at church and went on my way, walking with my head higher than I had come. Why are we letting negative people influence our lives? Lets get the hell away from them. If you feel beautiful it’s because you are beautiful. If you don’t feel beautiful, it’s because your mind picked up the wrong frequency. We need to believe in ourselves and focus on the people that can make you a better person. If someone is telling you that your not as good as you think you are… Ladies, leave em in the dust. Fellas, go to the next swipe. You are bad. You are great. One day you will do amazing things but if you surround yourself with people who don’t believe in you, their influence might seep into your life. It’s a disease and you don’t want to get infected.

Do your friends love you? Do they want you to succeed? If your unsure about answering those questions then why are you even calling them your friends? There’s nothing wrong with feeling like a QUEEN!!! There’s nothing wrong with wanting the world and a plate of chocolate chip cookies as well!!!!! Nothing wrong at all. What’s wrong is the stankness of their breath when the Killjoys open their mouth.

So Please, my lovely. When you need someone make sure they’re the right person, but when they need you… You better be that Queen and pass them over a bottle of dazzled sunlight.


Lindsay Reva.

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