Today, I Shine.

Today is going to be the best day ever.

I can feel it in every brilliant bone in my body, every single strand of hair on my head knows it’s the truth. I didn’t wake up late like I usually did. I went running, away from the lazy-ass Lindsay that constantly pulls me back from my perfect Amanda Zizzo beach body. Even when I was getting ready for work I could hear the birds singing outside my window and as my hand carelessly grabbed the first thing in view it just happened to be an immaculate outfit that got me feeling like ” Hi my name’s Lindsay, but you can call me QUEEN”. Yes. Today is going to be the best day ever. I’m supposed to go to Taco Tuesday in Northpark with some friends. Laughter. Food. Love. Absolute BLISS. Too much fun will be awaiting me. But before that, I’m going to be working hard with my friend and assistant Poeiti Bordes to breathe life into my dreams (how wonderful it is to work with someone who shares the same dreams). The work plans that await me are not behind a stuffy office with dividers and Melissa’s who give you compliments at the same time they scheme for your job. No, no, no. My job, my life, my eyes, everything has focused on things or people that make me an utterly happy fool. That’s how I know that today’s going to be the greatest day ever.

Why wasn’t yesterday like this? And is it really just that easy to wake up with such a positive outlook? Who the hell do I think I am, Pollyanna? Na. I’m Polynesian. Yes, it really is that easy.

Who knows why we go through our ups and downs, but its just the way we are. The human blueprint fiends for different, for change, and emotional rollercoastin’. How boring life would be otherwise. So I don’t mind that yesterday I was late and I felt like an absolute whale in my two-piece suit. Because today is going to be the best day ever. Even if a bird poops on my head right as I step out of my car, even if an artist pulls out from an event I booked months in advance, even if my heart breaks a little more because I let it loose from its leash… It doesn’t matter, because my mind is wrapped around the FACT that today will be the best day EVER.

If your day started off bad with burnt toast and a boss who without fail greets you in the morning with stale coffee breath by God, don’t you worry Love. Because tomorrow will be the best day ever.


Lindsay Reva

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