It’s Thursday and I woke up feeling a certain way, wanting something from everyone. Nothing of material, baby…

Today on this simple overcast day I want you to be kind. Kind and love-strong to your mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, coworkers, strangers (especially), just anyone that comes into your life. Fellas don’t be afraid to open doors for the ladies. And ladies you better say thank you as you walk out that door feeling like a queen. Is it going to hurt you to smile at the gas station clerk? If you see a pink cashmere coat on a passerby that you adore why not tell them? Not for your own good but for theirs. Be good and people will be good back to you. Everything always comes back to you.

If for what ever reason you want to be a rebel and say F%*#! the world. Then I hope more than anything you can at least be kind to yourself.

Have a beautiful day my lovelies.


Lindsay Reva

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