Street Fashion Week @Evolve Project LA

@glitzandglambytiff Rocking the perfect combination of classy Camo and heels to die for. What a babe.

@smoothcats401 who wore the most beautiful PINK leather jacket that I have ever laid eyes on. Just looking at this picture makes me seeth with envy.

Bonnie&Cylde shades!!

You’ve got to be something special to pull off a turquoise blue eyeshadow patch. If I wore mine in rose, would people think I had pink eye?

Couldn’t stop staring at this cat. Coolness oozed from his pores.

@Rickstarofficial Who ruled the men’s runway. Rick is BAD. What an understatement.

Models, models, and more models.

@welldressedg who is so damn cute and knows it. I. look forward to seeing him on future runways.

Hello Nude Louboutins Queen, I see you.

My FAVS. Gorgeous.

Did I mention it’s St. Patty’s day. 


Tahari, Pearls, Aldo

World, meet James Bond.

Overall, J’adore le Fashion show.

Coolest chick in the audience.

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