Lavish Blooms Launch Party

I just had to give my girl Christine Ong at Lavish Weddings props for the amazing job she did on her launch party for the beautiful and classy gift boxes she creates. She had everything you need for a fun night(and on a Wednesday!). The decor was on point with soft colors and eucalyptus and rose scattered everywhere. The dessert bar was set up on an elegant white wagon placed right in the center of the room at the Diamond Box at Sky tower in the heart of downtown SD. With open bar, the food appetizer buffet style, and the entertainment included a live band, a fashion show by fashion designer Kenneth Barlis(the models looked like Queens!) and even a painter dabbling down the scene with his water colors and canvas everyone had a smile on their polished faces. All the guest were stunning! Shout out to Christine Steele for rocking a pearl embossed corset that she bought at FashionNova. That lovely lady had statement written all over her. It was chic and classy just like everything Christine puts together. This girl knows how to throw a party. What a night!

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