Professional Photographer vs iPhone

Professionals are always going to be better!Or so they say…But sometimes we just don’t have a budget to hire a professional or maybe you don’t have friends who stock up on fancy lenses to capture that moment incased in forever. That’s where the alternatives come in. Capturing good shots are all about angles and lighting. People react better to the brightness in light pictures, and if you’re going to take a picture of yourself..GIRLLLL you better suck it in and throw those shoulders back! There are so many tricks, that don’t necessarily hide your flaws, but instead accentuate your beauty. Trial, Error,  and Perseverance. You might not be a professional photographer but there are ways to make and edit your photos to make that shot PRO worthy.

Yet there’s a difference…

When I shoot with my Professional Photographers sometimes they pose me and a few of them even stop to smooth back a few strands of my hair that had come undone from my bun. Kind of sweet no? When they do things like that or say things like ” Wait! Go back. Yes, just like that. Now tilt your head up just a little bit to the left. There! Perfect”  I feel good. Because now it’s not only me trying to capture my best smile, but it’s me traveling down a path and having someone there to guide me if I need them.

When a friend or family member shoots my picture I can look at it and my mind gets to work tweaking and turning on how I can make that shot even better. When a professional takes my picture I skip that mental thought process all together.

But who has the best shot at the end of the day? I always love my professional photos.. yet pictures snapped from the newer iPhone have left me in awe.

I’ll let you be the judge of it.

Pro or Average Joe?

And can you tell which one is which?


Lindsay Reva

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