LoveandBlackPearls.com<3 Today I’m taking one more step to blending my dreams into my reality;  Writing, Sharing, and appreciating all of life’s beauty and brilliance whether times are hard beyond belief or good beyond imagination.  Some of my obsessions? Everything BEAUTIFUL. The style, the clothes, that look on her face when she feels 100 on the inside and LOOKS 100 on the outside. And of course, there’s my addiction to words. BOLD BLESSED and BRILLIANT words. Not just any sentences you throw out just like any old pair of sweats. I want to share words that will touch the hearts of MAN. Finding the perfect words that inspire, support, and create moments that might never had been if those precious words were held back into oblivion.

You see… I’m a believer. That anyone anywhere can accomplish anything no matter the circumstances. But I also know that sometimes we all need a little push. So my words here are for those of you who need a little help. Together we’ll both keep it pushin, one step at a time

Life is amazing and I choose to share it with you.


Lindsay Reva


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